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Mark Dooly

Mark Dooly, Saxophone - Clarinet - Music Theory and Sight Reading

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Mark Dooly designed and developed the T4 Music Mentor program in order to leverage his and every other music educators teaching abilities. Dooly understands that teaching is not an overnight sensation but born out of step-by-step repetition that gets burned into the students mind. T4 Music Mentor provides the details so that students see the same message and techniques at home that they see in the classroom or private lesson. Mark Dooly is an accomplished private lesson teacher, having worked with up to 100 private lesson students each week for the last 25 years. Dooly began his teaching career after graduating from the Universtiy of North Texas with a degree in Music Theory and Jazz Studies, the technical knowledge that students need to thrive. Dooly also understands that the students desire to learn music is enhanced if the teacher provides the right conceptual framework. Dooly teaches music as a language. Students learn to recognize patterns and phrases so they can confidently apply their technique. Just as important, Dooly understands that all successful musicians have a mentor, someone showing them simply how to hold and play the instrument, to learning how to hold a music conversation

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