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Williamson Music 1st Repair

Step 1

Go to any of our locations, let our Customer Service Representative (CSR) know that you need to drop off your instrument for repair.

  • If a repair tech is available, they will look at the instrument on the spot and let you know what needs to be done, and the cost of the repair.
  • If a repair tech is unavailable, we will take the instrument in as an estimate and a repair tech will contact you with the cost of the repair.
*No repair work is done without the consent of the customer*

Step 2

The instrument is repaired (Repair time may vary, depending on how busy the shop is and the nature of the repair).

Step 3

We will contact you to let you know your repair is completed and ready to be picked up.

Rental Customers

As a rental customer, we can provide you with a service loaner while your instrument is in the shop, although this service is limited to the number of available loaner instruments in any given location.

  • Drop-off: Drop off your instrument at any store location (For store locations click here)
  • School pick-up: Contact your local store or your school’s Educational Representative to have your instrument picked up at school.

Non-Rental Customers

If you need an instrument to play while your instrument is in the shop, we offer optional short-term rentals between $20-$25 per week, depending on the instrument.

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